Poems by john f connor

Want me to write you a poem

Well thats just what I will do

Just give me the information

And I will write one for you 

I will send it to your email

It easy not to hard

You can write it in a letter

Or send it in a card

A poem to say I  love you

A poem for some one you miss too

What ever the subject is

I will write one just for you

Best Wishes

John  Connor

If you wish me to write you a poem on any subject just fill in form below.I will write it and send it to you by email you can ask me to make changes till you get the poem you want.Just give me the information you wish me to put into verse leave the rest to me. A Personalized poem is only £15 or $16.71  for that you get four verses just fill in the form below then make payment by clicking the BUY NOW button  

Poems cannot be written till payment is made do to the fact I have written many poems then payment was not made

But I guarantee the poem will be just right or money back 

Personalised Poem